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International Accounting Intelligence

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Analyse performance and keep track of the competition 

Created in association with International Accounting Bulletin, International Accounting Intelligence is an accounting data tool which gives you instant access to the most comprehensive database of accounting firm financial and staff data in the world.IAI screenshot

Produce external reports with ease, monitor your rivals and analyse your own firms’ performance with this versatile research product. With instant analysis at your fingertips, external reports can be produced easily with just a few clicks.

International Accounting Intelligence makes analysis and research easy, giving you more time to focus on strategy.

The image on the left is a screenshot of International Accounting Intelligence. Please click on this image to view a larger screenshot.

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Your shortcut to research 

International Accounting Intelligence is a compendium of research data taken from surveys featured in International Accounting Bulletin. We've collated our published Country Surveys from 2006 until today, and will be adding more on a monthly basis.  
Information can be filtered into the following sections:

  • World Fee Ranking: View World Surveys of networks and associations from 2006 onwards
  • Regional Fee Ranking: Regional Surveys at a glance (including Asia, Europe, Eastern   Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and more)
  • Country Fee Ranking: Instant access to various country surveys from 2006 onwards
  • World Staff Ranking: Download World Surveys of networks and associations from 2006 onwards
  • Regional Staff Ranking: Database of Regional Surveys (including Asia, Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and more) at your fingertips
  • Country Staff Ranking: Access various Country Surveys from 2006 onwards
  • Timeline: Select the organisations you wish to view and display their fee income over a number of years
  • Staff Growth: Choose the organisations you wish to view and display their staff growth over a number of years
  • Comparison Report: Select the organisations you are interested in and compare their growth rates in all available countries

Each page displays the required information using tables, bar charts, pie charts and graphs as appropriate. Filters are displayed on the right and left hand sides of the page, and can be used to further refine the data and tailor the information to your specifications. 

You can print and save this information for use in presentations, and depending on the version you've purchased, you may also export the data to Excel or a text file.

Click the link below to access our free demo version of International Accounting Intelligence.

International Accounting Intelligence free demo

Prices start at £795 for a Single Viewer package.

Please refer to the table below for more information on the packages we offer.

Features IAI Viewer IAI Viewer Plus IAI Premium
New data added monthly x x x
Data includes World Surveys, Regional Surveys and 12 countries* x x x
Data includes all countries   x x
Data can be filtered down by country, year and organisation x x x
Includes six Fee Income and Staff Tables x x x
Includes two adjustable history graphs   x x
Includes an adjustable comparison chart   x x
Tables, charts and graphs can be saved as PDF and Powerpoint slides x x x
Tables, charts and graphs can be adjusted   x x
Data can be exported to Excel or CSV file     x
New reports can be created     x

* Countries in IAI viewer include: US, UK, China, Japan, Germany, France, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Italy, Spain

Training and Support for IAI 

VRL can provide a 1 hour web training session (over the phone and web) = £199

Support queries will be answered promptly by phone and email within UK office hours.

Requests for customisation of charts and other views will be fulfilled within 3 working days. There’s a cost of £75 per page. Please note that customised pages cannot be transferred to the following month’s datasets.

Contact customer services on or by phone on
+44(0)20 7563 5688 to find out more.