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Leasing Life Industry Report 2012

Publish date:
 January 2012

The Leasing Life industry report analyses key trends for leasing in 2012 with opinion from industry leaders on issues from business strategy, outsourcing and access to finance to staff training, customer retention and the likely impact of political changes.

New for 2012- 25% of the content of this report is original research and analysis.



New for 2012

  • The Editor's view- the current state of play in leasing
  • Asset based lending
  • Market break down- map infographic illustrating the latest country results
  • Asian profiles- including a view from Indonesia
  • The US- a summary of the American climate
  • Kevin Kennedy on African leasing
  • India- a look into partnerships
  • The Middle East- a perspective from a pioneering Jordanian lessor
  • The lifetime achievement profile
  • The law directory- profiles of the major firms in the sector
  • Bridging the technology gap- an extract
  • A look at payments in leasing from the wider financial services industry

The 2012 Leasing Life Industry Report includes:

  • An exclusive preview of leasing trends for 2012
  • An introduction to leading asset classes and how they fared during 2011
  • An expert review of the performance of key channels and how they can be improved
  • A detailed look at the companies and individuals who shaped the leasing industry over the past 12 months, and what you can learn from them
  • Winners of the Leasing Life 2011 Awards and what made them exceptional
  • Sought after country reports with a special focus on the UK

Based on a comprehensive review of how the leasing industry has adapted to the challenges of the last 12 months, the report includes dedicated sections covering key assets classes, channels and regions (with a special section on the UK) as well as the companies and individuals who shaped the industry in 2011.

This report arms you with the industry-specific insight to make the right business decisions in a highly competitive market place.

Find out what the views of industry leaders are on the prospects for leasing over the next 12 months, highlighting the key trends and their likely impact on the industry and analysing the prospects for consolidation versus expansion. 

This report investigates several asset classes such as agriculture, healthcare, it, motor, print, and considers how they fared during the year. It offers a review of the channels and their performance in 2011.

It covers regional markets, in particular France, Germany, Central & Eastern Europe and China, and assesses how they have performed over the last 12 moths. There is a special focus on the UK with details of overall market developments and key trends during 2011.

Table of contents
The Editor's introduction - the state of play in leasing
The Year - best of Leasing Life news and analysis
Asset profiles
Fleet special
Asset Based Lending
Lombard SME supplement
Map infographic - the latest country results
Country profiles
Asian leasing - a view from Indonesia
USA - a summary of American climate
Kevin Kennedy on leasing in Africa
India - a look into partnerships
Middle East - perspective from pioneering Jordanian lessor
A review of the Leasing Life European Conference
Awards - profiles of nominees and winners
The Lifetime Achievement award profile
Law directory - profiles of major firms in sector
An extract from Bridging the Technology Gap in Leasing report
A look at payments in leasing from the wider financial services industry
30 under 40 supplement
Profiles - best people profiles from Leasing Life
Comment collection - best of comments from Leasing Life
Motor finance
Best of Motor Finance
Funnies - best diary stories from Leasing Life and Motor Finance

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