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About Leasing Life

Designed specifically for people involved in financing, valuing or managing equipment and fixed assets throughout Europe, Leasing Life provides market intelligence, analysis and news, in print and online.

Leasing Life is the only asset finance based magazine that provides comprehensive coverage of both UK and European markets.  Our expert journalists and analysts provide in-depth articles and the latest news stories, straight to your desk.

Cross-sector analysis, best practice case studies and senior-level interviews all provided by an independent, objective and trusted editorial team, place Leasing Life as the industry journal for the asset finance division. Face to face, Leasing Life provides insight and intelligence through its networking roundtables, awards and conferences.

Unlike other publications in the market place, Leasing Life is the only monthly publication with a dedicated European section, daily web updates and breaking news alerts, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry.

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Leasing Life provides regular coverage of:

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The source for unrivalled data, product innovation and job move information, Leasing Life not only provides news and analysis on current market trends but also best practice and case studies illustrating how to most effectively deal with them.Leasing Life is the only magazine regularly covering the following topics:

  • Product Innovation
  • Identification & analysis of key market trends
  • Cross-sector and pan-European analysis
  • Comparative perspectives on service providers
  • Job moves & recruitment trends
  • Regulatory & legislative changes

Available in a range of formats

Leasing Life is available in a number of formats designed to meet your needs:

• monthly magazine in print
• online through the website and as a PDF edition
• news and relevant stories are added to the website daily
• a weekly newswire email, containing the latest stories and links to the website
• an archive of previous articles available on the website

The publication hosts a number of roundtables and other events throughout the year, and publication content is featured in VRL’s retail banking industry reports

With its associated annual pan-European awards ceremony, Leasing Life is at the forefront of the asset finance industry.

Over 72% of our readers involved in our recent readership survey had contacted another business covered in Leasing Life, 57 % of these have done this on multiple occasions. Plug your brand into the heart of the leasing industry and subscribe today.


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"We consider Leasng Life to be an essential 'must read'. Your articles are informative and well researched and give a timely insight into this industry sector.' -  Kathy Poole, First Independant Finance