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About Motor Finance

Motor Finance is the only publication dedicated to the UK car finance industry, written specifically for lenders, dealers, brokers and any other professionals connected with the F&I world.

Motor Finance provides in-depth analysis of data, exclusive news, expert opinion and senior-level interviews - all from an independent, objective and trusted editorial viewpoint.

Motor Finance covers all major events and factors affecting the provision of motor finance to UK consumers, and includes a “dashboard” providing a monthly summary of relevant data to the sector, including finance sales statistics, car values at auction, car registration figures, PCP residual value setting, personal loan rates, economic indicators, monetary policy, fraud and recovery rates.

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Motor Finance provides regular coverage of:

  • Legislative and regulatory change
  • Identification & analysis of key market trends
  • product trends at the point of sale
  • sector-specific commentary on motor retail
  • Original research, data and statistics
  • Competitor information
  • News and views from professional bodies
  • Commentary and predictions on the market from industry leaders.
  • Identification & analysis of key market trends

Available in a range of formats

Motor Finance is available in a number of formats designed to meet your needs:

  • monthly magazine in print online through the website and as a PDF edition
  • news and relevant stories are added to the website daily
  • a weekly newswire email, containing the latest stories and links to the website
  • an archive of previous articles available on the website

The publication hosts a number of roundtables and other events throughout the year, and publication content is featured in VRL’s retail banking industry reports.

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