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The cards and payments sector of our portfolio includes 3 specialised publications, a number of leading forums and conferences, and a selection of in-depth research reports covering a range of topics.



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The backbone of VRL's cards and payments offering, Cards International provides a wide range of cross-sector analysis, best practice case studies and senior level interviews, all provided by a independent, objective and trusted editorial team. It provides the principle drive for our leading events and round tables.        



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Electronic Payments International is aimed at senior banking executives in the cards, payments and cash management sectors, as well as at technology vendors and money transfer services who wish to gain a better understanding of the sector they operate in. Covering mobile and online, as well as corporate payments and treasury news, Electronic Payments International provides analysis of the most topical and current issues within the electronic payments sector.


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Banking and Payments Asia is a Singapore-based high quality publication from VRL. With a specific focus tailored for the Asia Pacific region, Banking and Payments Asia provides exclusive news and incisive analysis on the latest trends and developments within retail banking, private banking and cards and payments.


Publication Event Name Location Date Event Type
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VRL Executive Development: Debit: Building a Profitable Retail Payments Business



5-6 March 2012

8-9 March 2012


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Prepaid Summit: Middle East 2012


21 March 2012

Conference & Expo & Awards
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Cards & Payments Europe 2012


24 May 2012

Conference & Awards

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VRL Executive Development: Merchant Acquiring

Hong Kong

September 2012


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Prepaid Summit: Europe 2012


October 2012

Conference & Expo


Prepaid Summit: Asia


December 2012

Conference and Expo



The Travel and Transit Prepaid Opportunity

Alternative Payment Channels - 2nd ed
Best Practice in Card Operations: Credit, Debit and Prepaid
Best Practice in Managing Customer Data
Cards & Payments in Asia 
Cards and Payments throughout Europe
Credit Card Retention Strategies 
Contactless Cards: Tentative Steps
Debit Cards as Profit Drivers - New edition
Making Money from Micropayments
Managing Credit Risk in Emerging Markets  
Mobile Banking and Payments - New edition
Prepaid in Sub-Saharan Africa
Prepaid in the Middle East: Ready for Take-Off
Prepaid Paves the Way for Payroll
Strategic Excellence in Card Outsourcing: Credit, Debit and Prepaid
Strategic Excellence in Payment Card and Bank-wide Loyalty Schemes
The Indian Prepaid Card Market
The Prepaid Advantage for Governments
The Prepaid Travel and Transit Opportunity


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