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The Asian Prepaid Market


Report by: Valentina Mastrocola

Published: March 2012

The prepaid market continues to grow across the Asian region. Yet there are many factors specific to each country that affect the development of prepaid, and are essential to know if you are considering launching a prepaid product into the market.

This report adopts a country-by-country approach, and examines the prepaid market in China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Discover the leading players, product portfolios and business and operating models in the prepaid market. Learn which challenges are affecting the prepaid market, such as new legislation in China that may curb further development of gift cards. Gain insight into the market drivers, such as the Indian middle-class, who are driving a strong demand for payroll and travel cards.

Read this report to learn:

  • Why mobile providers may be the best way forward
  • The breakdown of each country's regulatory environment
  • Analysis of specific scheme programmes- discover why some succeed where others fail
  • The potential for prepaid in each country
  • The importance of regulatory/government support


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