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Our wide selection of retail banking products are designed to ensure you stay informed of the latest trends and developments within the retail banking sector, and to provide you with the tools and strategies that will enable your business to grow. Alongside our monthly publication, Retail Banker International, we provide a range of retail banking reports and events as well as our new database Retail Banking Datatool.



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Our retail banking publication, Retail Banker International provides regular coverage of products and innovation, marketing and distribution. We summarise and simplify the latest developments within the sector to enable you to build upon your business and stay ahead of your competitors.    

Publication Event Name Location Date Event Type
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Retail Banking Datatool: Webinar


7 December 2011


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VRL Executive Development: Branch Banking



16-17 April 2012

19-20 April 2012



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Retail Banker International Awards

London 12 April 2012 Awards
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Retail Banking/Payment Innovations


11 May 2012


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Trailblazer Awards


11 May 2012


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VRL Executive Development: SME Banking

Kuala Lumpur

May 2012


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VRL Executive Development: Banking the Unbanked


November 2012



Bancassurance: The Lessons of Global Experience in Banking and Insurance Collaboration
Best Practice in SME Banking - new edition
Branch Banking: Best Practice in the Worst of Times Segmentation in Financial Services
Call Centres in Retail Banking - The Path to Excellence 
Consumer Finance in Latin America
Creating Female-Friendly Financial Services: Strategies, Opportunities and Lessons   
Creation from Destruction: Restructuring Financial Services Organisations 
Cross-selling in Retail Banking: Meeting the Revenue Growth Challenge
The Future of Fee-Based Banking Income 
Gauging the Effectiveness of Social Media in Financial Services
The Growing Opportunities in Money Transfer
Indian Retail Finance 
Knowledge, Social Media and Learning in Financial Services 
Maximising Recovery Rates in Consumer Debt Collections - A Global Perspective
Mobile Banking in Emerging Markets
Non-Listed Banking Models
Opportunities in Retail Banking Cross-Selling   Web 2.0 in Financial Services
Packaged Accounts                                                                            
Peer to Peer Lending                                                                                      
Post Office Financial Partnerships
Remittances 2010: Products, Players and Strategies
Remittances at a Time of Global Uncertainty
Restoring Trust and Credibility in Financial Services
Retail Financial Services in China 
Retail Finance in Japan
Retail Financial Services- An Overview
Self-Service in Retail Banking: Developing and Implementing a Successful Self-Service Strategy
Segmentation in Financial Services
Social Media in Financial Services
Strategies for Banking the Unbanked: A Global Market Opportunity
Survey of Global Islamic Finance
The Branch is Back   
The Business Case for Biometrics in Finance - 2nd Edition 
Voice Biometrics - Security by word of mouth 
Web 2.0 in Financial Services









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