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The Global Mass Affluent Webinar


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Title: The Global Mass Affluent

Date: Wednesday, 14th December

Time: 14:00-14:30 (GMT)

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The global mass affluent are a growing and shifting demographic. Emerging markets and increasingly discerning consumers have changed the traditional profile of the mass affluent individual. This has led to banks employing new and varying strategies to target this key client base. Speaker Paul Golden will discuss his recent report The Global Mass Affluent and detail how banks are engaging with this lurcrative group in both traditional and emerging markets.

Topics to be discussed include

  • Explaining mass affluent investment decisions
  • Satisfying heightened client expectations
  • Shaping product offerings
  • The profile of the mass affluent individual

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James Duckworth, Reports editor, VRL Financial News

James Duckworth

James is VRL's Reports Editor. Prior to joining VRL in early 2010, he worked as an analyst for investment banks in both London and throughout Asia.




Paul Golden, Author of the report 'The Global Mass Affluent'

Paul Golden is a specialist finance writer with 20 years experience covering different asset classes for a variety of international publications. Over that time he has produced numerous reports for research firms and financial services clients, compiled white papers and written commentary pieces.

He is the author of VRL’s report on ‘The Global Mass Affluent’ and previous reports on the high net worth market and the packaged bank accounts sector.