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Remittances 2010 - Products, Players and Strategies

By: Davide Andaloro, with contributions from Francesco Burelli and David Parker
Published: July 2010

Remittances 2010 - Products, Players and Strategies By: VRL Financial News

Remittances 2010Remittances are the most significant flow of capital from developed to developing economies. In 2008 they represented a $318billion market, with the potential to grow to $1trillion by 2012. 

This report investigates these new developments from the supply side. Study the role that governments, banks, financial institutions, card companies and mobile operators are playing and how this new "ecosystem" can be harnessed to deliver real benefits to the poorest of the world.


Read this report to:

  • Get to grips with international migration trends
  • Understand the macroeconomic effects of remittances
  • Reduce remittance costs
  • Make the most of technological innovations
  • Investigate mobile-based remittances

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