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Remittances at a Time of Global Uncertainty: Demand Inelastic 

By: VRL Research Reports 
Published: September 2011

Despite a series of economic adversities and financial instabilities in recent years, the remittance industry has remained resilient in many economies, most strikingly so in developing countries. Furthermore, the continuing progression of global migration trends means that this market is likely to remain strong for the foreseeable future, as a growing number of migrants use remittances to send money home to relatives. However, customer preference for remittances channels offering a lower transaction cost than banks means that it is difficult to get a clear picture of the size of the target market, since much of this transaction data is beyond the reach of financial sectors and economic bodies. Purchase this report to gauge the size of the remittances market, see where the market is headed, and understand the strategies your business should adopt in order to improve customer acquisition and retention.

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  • Harness untapped opportunities in the remittances market
  • Understand the need to lower transaction costs for remittances transactions
  • Capture a broader base of remittances customers
  • Predict the future growth of the remittances channel

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