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VRL Reports


VRL publishes around 30 in-depth reports every year. These are compiled by associate editors, who are specialists in their field and contain non-formula, original content based on fact and expert opinion.

Containing proprietary data and in-depth analysis combined with considered intelligence, VRL reports review the most pressing issues and trends impacting on the world of finance and cover a broad range of topics. VRL reports provide the analytical intelligence needed to make informed business decisions in a concise and incredibly cost effective manner and often negate the need to incur costly external consultancy services.

In a recent customer survey on reports, conducted by VRL, 92 percent of respondents stated that VRL reports give access to information that is either difficult or time consuming to acquire. 93 percent said it gave them a good overview or summary of market developments.

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White Papers

VRL white papers focus on specific areas of research drawn from our existing research reports, reviewing the most pressing issues and trends impacting on the world of finance.

Our white papers are free of charge and give your business a concise and accessible breakdown of all the hot topics affecting the finance sector. 

We are currently featuring a selection of white papers covering the retail, wealth and cards and payments sectors.

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Consulting Services

Providing the global financial services market with commercial, strategic and marketing support, addressing specific issues to help businesses develop profitable growth and stay on top of corporate and regulatory risk.

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Customised Reports

If you are interested in the subjects covered in our reports section but want something more personalised to your individual business needs, then we can engage our research team to find the specific data you need. You set the metrics. We provide the report that fits your remit.

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Our series of report based webinars focuses on the key findings of our latest research reports. Join the author as they discuss the key trends within the market and present their in-depth analysis of the most relevant topics within finance.

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