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VRL White Papers


Contactless Cards and Payments in Asia Pacific

Contactless Cards report cover

Taken from our best-selling report Contactless Cards - Tentative Steps, this white paper takes an in-depth look at the payments market in the Asia Pacific region.

Growth in China, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan are investigated, and Hong Kong's Octopus Card is discussed in detail.

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Mobile Banking and Payments

Mobile banking and payments

Mobile phones have enormous reach and distribution, providing opportunities for reaching hundreds of millions of people in the world who do not have access to bank branches or personal computers.

This white paper gives key insights into how to tap into the potential of this growing market .

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Pushing the Packaged Account

Packaged Accounts report cover

Banks are working hard to increase the number of packaged account customers they have by spending more on advertising them. In 2008, packaged bank accounts accounted for 42% of all spending on current account advertising in the UK, compared with just 28% in 2007. 

Taken from the report Packaged Accounts - Bundling Boosts Business, this white paper provides a holistic look at the industry and considers the cross-selling and bespoke services opportunities packaged accounts offer.

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Next Generation Branch Banking

Next generation of Branch Banking with Boarder

A recent study conducted by PwC stated that 39% of consumers visit a branch less than once a month. Meanwhile of the 60% of customers who do visit a branch once per month, only 10% applied for a financial product.

This white paper, taken from the report Next Generation Branch Banking, addresses why branch visits are down and how to stay relevant in modern branch banking.

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Best Practice in SME Banking - 3rd edition


Best Practice in SME Banking - 3rd edition cover

This white paper is taken from the popular research report Best Practices in SME Banking. The report tackles the main issues regarding best practice in SME banking. It analyses the ways in which banks approach SMEs in terms of outreach, offering, and risk-based considerations.

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Segmentation - Where to Draw the Line


BSWM web coverThis white paper is taken from the second edition of the popular report Branding & Segmentation in Wealth Management. It provides a number of case studies including HSBC Private Bank, Perching and RBS Coutts.

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Multi Family Office- Family Office Demographics


The Multi-family office This white paper is taken from the recent report Multi-Family Office: A Solution to the Ultra High Net Worth Client. It provides an insightful look into the shifting definition of MFOs and details future market opportunities. A number of case studies are provided including Rockefeller Financial, Talisman Global Asset Management and Partners Capital LLP.

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The Global Mass Affluent


Global Mass Affluent web coverThis white paper is taken from the recent report The Global Mass Affluent.  It provides a look at strategies banks and wealth management firms are using to engage with this lucrative demographic. New emerging markets and a changing profile means that new approaches to engage with this key demographic. The strategies of HSBC, OCBC, Santander and The State Bank of India are discussed.

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